The 4th meeting of the Network will be held from June 6 to 8 in Quebec, Canada

Theme of the seminar:Product safety has become a major societal concern due to the abundance of failures in protecting the health of consumers. While the population benefits greatly from technological innovation, new products may carry hazards and risks, often uncertain at the time of commercialization, and have the potential to inflict serious harm on consumers. Public law and private law focus on consumer protection issues independently of each other. Recent public law approaches are characterized by important legislative reforms and renewed public policies. In the hands of legislators and governments, they are interested in regulating and ex-anterisk prevention. Private law approaches handled by the judiciary through litigation rooted in Tort Law come into play when the prevention of consumer safety managed by public law approaches fails. They are concerned with ex post factoresponses to wrongs, in particular compensation for the harm suffered by victims. The contours of the area of ​​contact between the ex-anteand ex postsides of the occurrence of damage related to a consumer accident are unclear and their analysis is often limited to national law.


In the era of rapid technological change, researchers need to rethink the classic dichotomy between safety regulation and accountability/liability. Our bilingual and international seminar will focus on the neglected field of law relating to the security-liability alliance in relation to consumer products in an era of increased technological development and scientific uncertainty. It will undertake the comparative study of the intertwining between regulatory and policy governance of product safety and product liability law, and its potential to improve risk management. Our event will bring together researchers from 7 different jurisdictions (Canada, Quebec, United States, France, Switzerland, Belgium and the United Kingdom), partners from different communities (government, industry, consumer associations) and students. By bringing together members from all target audiences (academics/lawyers, students, governments, industry, consumers), the seminar will facilitate nuanced and sophisticated scientific breakthroughs, based on concrete and well-defined issues and needs, while providing opportunities for learning for the students and other participants.


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